We align critical sourcing with organizational strategic goals and objective to maximize our client’s return on investment.  As technology and service delivery models continue to rapidly evolve, so do the business opportunities to reduce operating costs while providing more and higher-valued services to our client’s. Often senior leadership is faced with the decision of whether a solution should be purchased or developed (i.e.: buy vs. build) and whether the solution can be offered in-house with an outside business partner. IPTACS harnesses informed strategic sourcing to assist our client in making decisions that are critical to the success, modernization and transformation of initiatives.


IPTACS is synonymous with strength and balance. Strength and innovation coupled with proven processes, technology, increase the human impact. We balance the ideas that our client have to solve unique challenges that are faced within the government sector. Discovering the difference of an IPTACS partnership is our mission. Client objectives are constantly evolving and at IPTACS, we believe your solutions should too. IPTACS was founded to bring a new approach to the government’s toughest challenges, led by a multidisciplinary team of experts, we’re committed to finding long-term solutions that are exceptional and sustainable.


As government sectors and business leaders face economic changes and technological challenges, how will leaders achieve a continued trajectory for success? We must meet the demands of today and prepare for tomorrows challenges in a cost and operationally effective manner.

With IPTACS comprehensive management consulting services, we help our clients understand the balance between laws, regulations, policy, security, usability and costs. With a diverse understanding of impact, we develop strategies that modernize business processes, organizational constructs and technology