Survey Services

In today’s competitive environment, government and commercials leaders alike must drive service quality and performance to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. An unsatisfied customer experience can lead to poor ratings, low adoption and potential scrutiny from public watch groups, and/or congressional oversight committees, ultimately damaging an organization’s reputation.

IPTACS Consulting provides a full suite of market research, survey, and customer outreach services to help our customers develop an in-depth understanding of user attitudes, experiences, wants, and needs in order to improve service quality, performance and customer satisfaction.  We apply our direct and significant expertise with Section 508 and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval processes to ensure that the surveys are compliant and that they solicit information from a diverse population. IPTACS Consulting offers the following services for market research, survey, and customer outreach:

  • Survey Planning and Design—Full scale development of surveys and customer out-reach tools to help our customers select the appropriate device design that will minimize bias and maximize response and accuracy.
  • Survey Management and Execution—Collection of critical information from user groups regarding their attitudes, preferences, experiences and needs. Our approach ensures data integrity, confidentiality and maximizes data quality.
  • Data Validation and Analysis—In-depth statistical analysis to completely comprehend the meaning behind the data, including sample refinements and weighting adjustments to improve logical conclusions and facilitate more effective and efficient change agents.
  • Survey Reports—Develop and deliver detailed reports documenting the results and highlighting critical findings. Our reports focus not just on the data obtained but also on the meaning of the data to the organization’s mission, goal and objectives and how these results impact and influence organizational strategy. We provide a multi-dimensional view at various levels tailored to the appropriate audience whether it’s the technical, program management, or executive level stakeholders.