Strategic Planning Initiative

At IPTACS we provide our customers with critical planning, development and implementation of business management strategies to help our clients address near-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and objectives.

Policy Analysis and Regulatory Development—Assisting Federal and State government clients adapt to the changing economic and technical landscapes

 Establish open and transparent communication__ We maintain communication channels and a collaborative partnership with all stakeholders to ensure buy-in and approval.

Budgetary Cost Planning—We create an environment for our clients that facilitates an understanding that cost is not just a function of technology, but of the entire system life-cycle. 

Cost modeling approach allows our clients to quantify and evaluate the impact of security levels and other design decisions on both infrastructure and operational costs.

Technical Innovation—IPTACS provides strategic consulting on emerging technology to help our clients adopt new innovative IT models and services that facilitate trust, mobility, economic efficiency, and operational effectiveness.