Our Teams

Simone Williams is the Managing Principal of IPTACS Consulting, leading the daily business operations and execution of IPTACS Consulting’s strategies and initiatives.  Working with a team of tenured executives, she oversees all IPTACS Consulting’s business groups and functional disciplines, including marketing, sales, and client delivery. Simone has played a central role in IPTACS’s expansion, managing the growth and integration of new solution strategies.

With over 13 Years of Clinical Practice as a Professional Registered Nurse, Simone is Licensed and Nationally Board Certified, Trained in Client Management, Rehabilitation and Clinical Healthcare Services. She has specialized in a leading Acute Care Hospital setting and functioned as a Certified Care Manager in partnership with Legal Guardianship Services.  Simone is experienced in providing Health Process Consultation, Training, and Client Management from an experienced, patient-centered healthcare perspective

It takes this level of in-depth experience to lead networks of consultants, clinicians, technologists and subject matter experts to comprise a group of professionals with deep industry knowledge to successfully tailor engagements to fit the unique needs and expected outcomes of Federal, State, Local, and Private Sector clients.