About Us

IPTACS Mission: At IPTACS, we believe as mission objectives evolve, solutions should as well. IPTACS Consulting was founded to bring a tailored approach to an organization’s toughest challenges. Our team of experts will remain committed to providing sustainable management and operations solutions through detailed support and analysis that align with government, international, non-profit and private sector clients.

IPTACS Vision: To become one of the leading woman-owned Management and Operations Consulting Firms in the Southern US that utilizes best in class business practices to structure organizations for achieving a sustainable advantage.

IPTACS Values: The IPTACS Consulting values identify who we are and what is important to the Firm.  Our values are clear: Encouragement Of Collaboration, Continuity Of Learning, Pursuit Of Excellence, Accountability To Palabra, Respect For Individuals, Embraced Ideas, And Investments In People.